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osgEphemeris Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
osgEphemeris::CelestialBodyA super class for all celestial bodies - Used Internally
osgEphemeris::CelestialBodyDataA container to keep information about the current position of a celestial body
osgEphemeris::DateTimeData and methods to store, query and set the current date and time
osgEphemeris::EphemerisDataA container for the parameters used by the EphemerisEngine to compute heavenly body positions and to store those positions
osgEphemeris::EphemerisEngineA class containing computational routines for processing heavely body position from latitude, longitude, altitude, date and time
osgEphemeris::EphemerisModelThe highest level class in the osgEphemeris library allowing for the setting of parameters which control the placement of heavenly bodies, namely the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets, in the virtual scene
osgEphemeris::EphemerisUpdateCallbackA callback pure virtual super class for updating EphemerisData at run-time
osgEphemeris::EphemerisUpdateCallbackProxy< T >A template class intended for EphemerisUpdateCallback registration upon shared object load
osgEphemeris::EphemerisUpdateCallbackRegistryUsed internally. A singleton callback registry for loading callbacks from the NodeKit
osgEphemeris::GroundPlaneA geometric model of the ground plane at elevation 0
osgEphemeris::JupiterJupiter celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::MarsMars celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::MercuryMercury celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::MoonThe Moon celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::MoonModelThe model of the Moon
osgEphemeris::NeptuneNeptune celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::PlanetsA container class which updates Planet position in the sky - used internally
osgEphemeris::PlutoPluto celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::SaturnSaturn celestial body - used internally
ShmemA shared memory super class
osgEphemeris::SkyDomeA Geometric sphere which defines the color of the sky and serves as a surface for projecting the sun texture - Used internally
osgEphemeris::SphereA geometric sphere containing a northern and southern hemisphere
osgEphemeris::SphereLODA container class for three Sphere's representing progressional levels of detail
osgEphemeris::StarFieldA spherical set of points representing the positions of the stars as seen from a single viewpoint on the surface of the earth
osgEphemeris::SunThe Sun celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::UranusUranus celestial body - used internally
osgEphemeris::VenusVenus celestial body - used internally

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