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Dynamic Updates Using the GUI

Lastly, a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided, compiled with FLTK for simplicity and platform independence. The GUI uses a shared memory interface to update the EphemerisData values. It has the following appearance.

Each of the text fields are a nifty FLTK Input_Valuator, which allow the user to either enter values directly from the keyboard, or click and drag on the values to increment/decrement them. Use of left, middle or right mouse button determine the step of incrementation.

Latitude can be set from -90 to 90. Longitude can be set from -180.0 to 180.0. The date can be set by selecting a choice of month, setting the day and year, or moving the horizontal scroll wheel just below the date to scroll through the dates of the year.

Likewise the time can be set by setting the hour, minute and second directly or moving the horizontal scroll wheel just below the time to scroll through the minutes of the day.

The Now toggle, when set, will simply update the time according to the current date and time as read from the computer's clock. Dates and times cannot be changed while the Now toggle is set.

The GUI is compiled from the src/Gui directory, but leaves the executable in the bin directory.

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