OSG Terrain Deformation Software


The "Terrain Deformation Software" project is an open source effort to provide a means of altering terrain databases to the placements of objects in the scene. more ...

User's Manual

The TDS User's Manual (PDF) documents the real-time terrain deformation algorithm as well as the osgTDS implementation.

February 2006 progress report

The February progress report is also a good source of description for this project. Click here for more ...


Download precompiled osgTDS v1.0 binaries for Microsoft Windows. These binaries are built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (VS7) and are compatible with the OSG v1.2 release.


Download the most current version of osgTDS using anonymous CVS:

        cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@andesengineering.com:/cvs/osg co osgTDS

You can build the osgTDS source code using Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 (VS7 and VS8). The source also includes a Makefile system to allow building on Linux and most Unix systems.

SBIR Phase II Proposal Algorightms for Run-Time Terrain Deformation
High Level Design

A high level design (somewhat outdated) can be found here.

Progress Reports
Interim Reports
Other interesting topics
mailing list

For questions, discussion, support, contributions and any other related topic having to do with osgTDS, please join the mailing list.