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Downloading and Building osgEphemeris

The current build is tested with Windows and Linux. DWMake build should work for Mac OSX as well, but remains somewhat untested. Contributions are welcome.

Downloading osgEphemeris

Current access to osgEphemeris is through secure svn on andesengineering.com:

        svn co https://www.andesengineering.com/svn/osgEphemeris/trunk/osgEphemeris

If SVN access is restricted or you prefer, you may

Building osgEphemeris on Linux

I. Building with DWMake

DWMake is a simple set of GNU makefile definitions and rules for a set of common targets. If you don't yet have DWMake installed, follow these two steps:

  1. Install DWMake (if not yet installed)
    1. Unpack the tarball

      $ tar xvfz DWmake.tgz

    2. Set the environmental variable DWMAKE to the directory where you unpacked DWMake

      $ cd DWMake $ export DWMAKE=`pwd`

  2. Build

    $ cd osgEphemeris
    $ make

  3. Install

    By default osgEphemeris installes in /usr/local. You may install in other locations by using the directive INST_LOCATION:

            % make install 
            % make INST_LOCATION=/usr install

    The above command will install the include/osgEphemeris directory in INST_LOCATION/include, the library libosgEphemeris.so in INST_LOCATION/lib and the plugin osgdb_osgEphemerisModel.so in INST_LOCATION/lib/osgPlugins.

II. Building with CMake

Important Note: Avoid building osgEphemeris with CMake in the source directory. The Makefiles generated by CMake will conflict with DWMake's GNUmakefiles.

Quick synopsis of command line session to build with cmake:

  $ cd osgEphemeris
  $ mkdir osgEphemeris-Build
  $ cd osgEphemeris-Build
  $ cmake ..
  $ make
  $ make install

III. Use DWMake to build CMake

The DWMake set up in osgEphemeris also allows the CMake build to be called by DWMake. This has the advantage of DWMake's use of symbolic links to quickly switch between debug and optimized versions, and allows for installation of symbolic links, keeping the development system with a single installed version.

  $ cd osgEphemeris
  $ make cmake 


  $ make cmake_debug

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