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osgEphemeris provides the virtual environment for the sky, sun, moon, planets and stars to be used with visualization applications using OpenSceneGraph. When using osgEphemeris, the user provides the software with Latitude, Longitude, Date and Time, and the software will provide a ground (or near-ground) view of the sky with the sun, moon, planets, and stars all positioned with reasonable accuracy.

Note that osgEphemeris is intended for ground based visualization and does not extend to space flight or accurate representation of heavenly body positioning other than for a view that is on or near the ground. Near means within 40,000 feet of the ground, or so. Altitudes are taken into consideration and distance above horizon for heavenly bodies, but loose accuracy the higher the vantage point.

The software is provided for use in two methods: as a C++ API, or as a .osg file format, using OpenSceneGraph Node Kit methodology, which allows the definition of the EphemerisModel class to be defined in a .osg file (see section on .OSG File Directives). This document will demonstrate how to use the osgEphemeris software, how to integrate it into your application and how to control its parameters.

Familiarity with OpenSceneGraph C++ API and OpenSceneGraph utility programs, such as osgviewer are assumed.

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